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Top Gear USA

A place to discuss and post fic centred around Top Gear USA

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Name:Top Gear USA
Location:United States of America
Website:Top Gear USA community on LiveJournal
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place to discuss the US version of Top Gear and post fan fiction connected to it.


top_gear_usa is a place for fans of the US version of Top Gear on the History Channel to discuss the show and its hosts (Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood). The community welcomes fan fiction (any genre is fine), picspams, icons, fan art, squee links, that sort of thing.

Your friendly administrator/moderator/cracker of the proverbial whip is venusinthenight. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me a message. I don't bite! (I may nibble a bit, however. ;))

the rules

1) NO AD HOMINEM ATTACKS! Break this rule and you will be sent to the Land of Bannination. No questions asked.

2) If the only reason you want to join this community is because you want to bash TG USA and extol the virtues of TG UK, don't even think about hitting the "Join" button. There are plenty of other comms devoted to the original recipe; this one is for TG USA, and I'd like to keep it a friendly place. *nods*

3) Posting fic based on TG USA is totally fine. However, I personally prefer they be locked to the comm, as there are those who are adverse to Real Person Fiction (RPF) out there. Please be sure to format it properly, though! :) (See below for clarification.)

4) Media downloads must be locked to the comm. We don't want to get into trouble around here.

5) The following kinds of posts must be placed behind a cut...
* Any post containing pictures or graphics
* Any post containing spoilery information
* For icon posts, you may provide a preview of three icons. Any more than three must be put under a cut.
* Any post that is long enough to be scrollable. This includes long fan fic.

6) Please tag your posts as best you can; this way members can avoid posts they don't want to see. There will be an assortment of pre-made tags available to you. If you can't find a suitable tag, please request one. :)

7) Any new rules or whatnot will be posted to the comm at large, so everyone knows what's up.

posting fan fiction

You are totally welcome to post your TG US fan fiction here! As mentioned in Rule 3, I prefer it if you kept it locked to the comm. Below you will find the preferred format for posting.

Title: (This should also be the title of your post)
Characters/Pairing: (pretty straightforward -- character list for gen, pairings for other stuff)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Warning(s): (Only if you think you need to. That said, warning for character death, underage sex, BDSM themes, graphic violence, non-con, and suicide or self-harm themes is REQUIRED.)
Summary: (A short blurb regarding the fic itself.)
Word Count: (Length of your fic, of course.)
Disclaimer: (A short blurb stating you don't own the show or know the hosts personally, that it's all fiction.)

(You may also add any other things you want us readers to know, like your inspiration, who betaed your fic, that sort of thing.

If posting a multi-chapter fic, please be sure to link back to previous chapters when you post a new one. :)

Crossovers are totally welcome as well! :)

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